10 Funny and Interesting Facts about Barbados

Barbados is an island country in the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean region of North America. There are many amazing places in Barbados but one of the most interesting is Inch Marlow.
In this article we're going to show you 10 Funny and Interesting Facts about Barbados and at the same time 10 reasons to go on vacation

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    Here they invented the .. GRAPEFRUIT

    The grapefruit was invented on the island, by combining a pomelo and sweet orange tree. The fruit was first documented in 1750 by Rev. Griffith Hughes describing specimens from Barbados (Quinion 2007). The fruit was originally named the "forbidden fruit" of Barbados (Morton 1987), in comparison to the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" in the Garden of Eden (Quinion 2007). Currently, the grapefruit is claimed by some as one of the "Seven Wonders of Barbados".

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    They were named after a tree

    The island was named Los Barbados by the Portugese explorers leaded by Pedro a Campos in 1536 . They named it Barbados after the Bearded Fig Tree found all over the island back then. “Los Barbados” is Portuguese for “The Bearded One”

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    If you visit Barbados you MUST go to Inch Marlow

    Positioned in Christ Church Parish, 1.5 miles east of Atlantic Shores, Inch Marlow Beach is on the South East edge of Barbados. You should consider dropping by even if you aren't going to stay there.
    Inch Marlow is actually a series of small bays at the southern most part of Long Beach which, at two-miles long, is the lengthiest single beach on the island. In turn, Long Beach is north of Silver Sands.

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    Hidden Gem is an adults only, modern, luxury, boutique style, one of a kind Bed & Breakfast located on the South Coast of Barbados in a breezy and tranquil enclave off the beaten path near the ocean in Inch Marlow, Christ Church.
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    Barbados is great for MAKING FRIENDS

    Visitors say Barbadian’s friendliness is best thing about the island, which is shown in the numbers that return. Barbados has the highest repeat visitor factor in the region at 39%.

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    You're lucky if a mongoose crosses your path

    In Barbados, it is considered good luck if a mongoose crosses your path. Barbados has a huge Mongoose population after importing them from India, to control the rat problem in the sugar cane fields.
    But... instead of eating the rats, they ate the snakes which were the rat’s original predator.

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    Is the third-most developed country in the Western hemisphere

    Yep! Many were probably expecting some tribal lands here... But Barbados is the third-most developed country in the Western hemisphere, after the US and Canada.

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    Barbadian's love to make Rum, and we love to drink it

    High quality branded Barbados rum is in great demand on the international market. The product has been consistently among the top ten exports in Barbados, and according to industry personnel, continues to improve tremendously despite a number of obstacles.
    Barbados exports more than BBD $57 million of rum each year.

  9. 9

    You can come and go whenever you want to

    Barbados is the only island in the Caribbean that has daily flights to Canada, England, and the United States of America.

  10. 10

    The Pride of Barbados

    The have a Flower and they're proud of it! The National Flower is called the Pride of Barbados. The leaf is supposed to help a baby to stop crying.

  11. 11

    Here even the fish are flying.. pigs not

    Barbados is known as “the land of flying fish.” The fish is also one of its national symbols.
    Flying fish, which are common to most tropical seas, are found in the warm waters surrounding Barbados. The species found in this region are about 25cm long and are shaped like a herring.

    The remarkable feature of this fish is its ability to "fly"! Actually, the fish don't "fly" ... they glide through the air up to distances of 30-40 metres. Just before takeoff, the fish swims quickly towards the surface, bursting into the air at speeds of 55 kmph!

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