12 modern living room furniture arrangements

Small and Medium Modern Living Room Furniture Arrangements. 12 ideas to bring materials, colors, textures, and other design elements together to create the ultimate living room design for the modern home.

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    If you like outdoor color schemes and natural nuances, try a brown living room. Accents of gray help break up the palette in this brown living room arrangement, while the patterned curtains and a rattan sofas harden the masculine feel.

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    This idea to bring wood and metal, light colors and stone textures together to create the ultimate living room design is not new, but combined with modern living room furniture designs will make your tiny living room look and feel larger and helps you optimize your space in a very creative way. This type of modern furniture arrangements are starting to become very popular.

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    Chaise lounges are pieces of furniture that date back a few centuries and have steadily maintained quite a presence in in living room furniture arrangements, and this model is no exception. When talking about the Canapo rocking chaise lounge we talk about more than just a comfy place to sit. With supporting frame in solid ashwood and polyurethane cushioning, covered in fabric or leather, it does adapt to your body, and supports your head, making this living room rocking chaise, the perfect solution for a quick nap in the afternoons.

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    Originally designed in 1965 by the famous italian designer Gio Ponti, the Dezza is a comfortable and adaptable living room sofa, that has accurately been reproduced by Poltrona Frau in a Pony Skin upholstery refined re-edition.

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    Simple, yet elegant and ultra modern, the Hamilton living room storage units from Ivano Redaelli manage to combine geometric shapes and storage together in a innovative and artistic way giving you the possibility to store things without the need of massive dodgy wall units.

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    If you prefer a contemporary look to your living room, but still want to maximize the storage areas, then this type of wall furniture would be your best choice. The simplicity of this furniture makes it almost disappear into the wall while still giving your room a distinctive look.

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    Luxury living room arrangements featuring cream leather sofas, classic accent chairs and comfortable armchairs.

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    If you’d live in London in the year 2100 this how the view from your living room would probably look like.

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    Luxurious penthouse living room design with tall ceiling and custom made furniture in cream and brown. A large space doesn’t necessarily makes it nicer. This average sized living room is beautiful, functional and no less inviting than any other larger room.

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    Just bought your first property, and thinking how to decorate it?! Then have a look at the Inori shelving system from Fiam Italia, a perfect idea for the modern and simple living room design. Designed by Setsu e Shinobu Ito, the Inori, stylish glass modular shelving will give you various versatility and assembly possibilities.

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    Nothing says more “posh” then a living room design with a pool and mirrored ceilings, and no need for trip to the seaside in the hot summer weather.

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    A fresh living room is exactly what any home needs, so why not consider this futuristic green and orange living room design ideas four young people.

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