5 of the most expensive beds in the world

Beds are essential in providing a resting place. After working all day, the best thing to do at night is get some good sleep. No wonder, one fourth of a human life is spent in sleeping. So why not make the most of bed-time on an extravagant bed?
We all know that beds are beds which indicates that they all serve the same purpose, providing a place for good sleep and rest no matter what their sizes or pices are, and yet there are some beds that are beyond any immagination,
Here is our list of 5 of the most expensive beds in the world

  1. 1

    Baldacchino Supreme Bed - $6.3 Million

    Currently, this is the most expensive bed available in the market. It was hand carved by Stuart Hughes. It’s made from three types of wood and hand carved with an interior composed of 24 carat gold that weighs over 200lbs

  2. 2

    Magnetic Floating Bed - $1.6 Million

    Not too long ago it would have sounded like futuristic science fiction! But here it is - the world's most expensive luxury bed that is not suspended but floating

  3. 3

    Jado Steel Style Gold Bed - $676.550

    This luxury bed is called Jado steel style gold bed. This waterbed is coated in 24k gold and features Swarovski crystals along the sideboard. If you want to go all out with a bed that conveys wealth like no other, you can't go wrong with the Gold Bed.

  4. 4

    The Parnian Furniture Bed - $210,000

    The Parnian Furniture Bed was hand carved by Abdolhay Parnian. It took close to a year to finish it. The bed has numerous extra features like Swivel TV, iPad Holders and secret compartments. It’s made from wood, stainless steel and gold.

  5. 5

    Quantum Sleeper Bed - $160,000

    Priced at $160,000 this is one of the most expensive beds in the world. It has a “safe room” which is impenetrable and this is what makes it special. The Quantum Sleeper has amazing features like lock down, ventilation system, settings for intruders, motion sensors, toilet, and even oxygen sensors.

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