5 Quick 2018 SEO tips for Photographers

Are you a photographer and own a website? Its becoming harder and harder to rank that site? Read the 2018 SEO tips for Photographers below and start ranking in the search engines. For photographers, Search engine optimization is one of the most valuable opportunities for getting more traffic to your website. To make things as simple as possible, here are the 5
things that bring the biggest results to any photography business and help maximize your Google rankings and get found online.
*The tips below are only a few and only explained wider, to fully understand them , search each tip online for in detail explanations and hot to approach

  1. 1

    Improve your On Page SEO

    Search engines notice good and relevant content. They will rank your website higher if you regularly post helpful content. People will engage and traffic will increase.
    Even if you’re working hard to optimize your posts for Google’s eyes, make sure you’re also writing quality content for humans (great storytelling, personal recommendations, honest opinions). Stuffing your blog posts with keywords can make them “smell” of spamming, you risk alienating your audience.

  2. 2

    Use Webmasters Tools and add sitemaps

    Google Webmaster Tools is a goldmine for marketing and content departments, generating an array of data that will help you craft an intelligent SEO campaign. Use the Search Console in Google Webmaster Tools to see search queries that drive traffic to your site. Google Webmaster Tools provides a much more in-depth report of keywords and search terms than Google Analytics.

  3. 3

    Make your site Faster

    User experience is a huge factor that search engines focus on. Users don’t like a website that takes a long time to load and neither do search engines. Simply put, a slow-loading website creates poor user experience and Google thinks that these websites deserve less promotion.
    if you are using Wordpress, use also AMP developed by google

  4. 4

    Use Rich Snippets

    Google SEO Author Snippet Plugin automatically structures your website content with schema.org. The standardization helps you to come up in Google search with easy addition of SEO friendly snippets. You can uniquely define for each Post, Page, Custom Post and Product. You can also add social shares to your website authors to catch followers.

  5. 5

    Boost your Social Media Presence

    You surely hear that alot. Make sure you engage with your visitors and ask them specific things in order to make them feel needed. This will help them trust you and like or recommend you.

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