8 Real Laser Weapons that are used or tested as we speak

Around the world, countries are awakening to the military possibilities presented by these real-life death rays.
Three months after China unveiled "Silent Hunter" - its vehicle-slicing laser weapon, Stars & Stripes reports that US military forces are testing their own array of laser weaponry. So lasers start becoming a new "must have" for armies around the world.
The output of these fibre weapons is measured in kilowatts (kW), orders of magnitude less than the megawatt-class devices once envisioned for the US Strategic Defense Initiative — an ultimately unsuccessful cold-war plan that sought to use lasers to disable ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads.

But the modern, less ambitious, weapons are on the brink of real-world deployment. Tests such as those of the Boeing system show that the lasers have enough power to overcome threats from terror groups — at a fraction of the price of conventional defenses
An advantage of laser weapons is that they don't need ammunition, therefor the cost of firing a laser to shut down a missile can be as low as 1$, instead of tens of thousands of dollars, as much a defensive projectile costs currently. Also you won't run low on ammunition, for example, a forward-operating base could protect itself from airborne threats with a laser as long as there was enough fuel to power a generator and recharge its batteries..
Let's have a look at these 8 Real Laser Weapons video

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