Amazon Black Friday 2018 unveiled their Electronics Holiday Gift Guide 2018. This guide features hundreds of deals in many categories such as gaming, music, smart home, wearables, gifts under $100 and more. See Here:
For Amazon Prime members this means free two-day shipping on all orders, while non-Prime members will get free shipping on orders over $25. While this doesn’t compete with the new Best Buy terms and Target’s extended free shipping, it will run even after the holiday sales season ends. This leaves Walmart lagging behind.

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    Amazon Black Friday 2018 Ads

    One hot tip: Amazon’s big annual Toy Sale is now live (check out the company’s 11-page ad) and it can offer savings which are better for parents than either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. There’s a lot of competition here with Best Buy’s 24-page Toy Book ad, Dollar General’s 12-page ad, LEGO’s 40-page catalog, Target’s 88-page ad and Walmart’s 5-page ad. Dive in!

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