Crap Happening at McDonald’s during night shift

A man in a beige tracksuit had to be restrained by other McDonald’s customers after he started shouting verbal abuse at staff because there was no toilet roll. Footage of the incident was shot at a branch of the restaurant in Highbury Corner, Islington, in the early hours of Saturday morning. Customers attack McDonald's staff after a 'lack of toilet roll' .

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    This is no way to speak to people

    Perhaps his friend was caught short or he’d had a very bad day – either way this is no way to speak to people.
    The footage, which was filmed during the early hours of August 25, shows a customer arguing staff over the lack of toilet roll in the fast food restaurant situated at Highbury Corner in Islington.

    During the altercation a man in glasses and a beige tracksuit is restrained by another customer while he shouts verbal abuse at staff.

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    She started berating staff before being joined by a man in a beige tracksuit who also kicked off (Picture: Newsflare)

    The filmer wrote online: 'I was in McDonalds at 1am on Saturday when the evening was disturbed by a lady in a pink romper suit shouting about the state of the toilets.

    'Her friend started berating the staff.'

    As one of the restaurant customers tries to hold the angry customer back he repeatedly shouts: 'Get off me!'.

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    The Woman in Pink

    In the video a young woman wearing pink tracksuit trousers and a black coat is also seen berating staff.

    As the angry customer is thrown out she can be heard berating another member of staff for working at the fast food chain before leaving.

    The filmer said: 'At this point, the police are called, and thankfully the staff manage to get most of the troublemakers outside.

    'They locked the doors, leaving me locked inside!'

    The filmer said he tweeted his video to the McDonald's UK Twitter account.

    'No one should have to put up with abuse like that at their place of work,' he added.

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