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    Business Web Hosting £16.66 a month Business Web Hosting with a 100% Uptime SLA. A 100% Uptime SLA should often be viewed with skepticism. Many web hosting companies claim to offer 100% uptime without the technology to truly achieve it. They essentially rely on luck and minimal SLA claims in order to offer it. At eUKhost, we can honestly and confidently say that our 100% Uptime SLA is backed by the technology to achieve it.

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    UK Storage Space

    Whether you run a business website or a small personal blog, backups can make the difference between a complete disaster and a minor inconvenience. Our backup solutions are perfect for backing up an entire server or even a shared hosting account. We recommend you choose backup storage that is at least three times the amount of space your website or server uses.

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    Managed Dedicated Servers

    Managed Dedicated Servers from eUKhost
    Hosted elsewhere? Ask about our FREE migration service

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