The Loose Women Scandal - VIDEO

Celebrity Big Brother's Kim Woodburn calls on Loose Women to sack Coleen Nolan after on-air row.

ITV LOOSE WOMEN saw an explosive argument kick off yesterday when Kim Woodburn appeared on the programme to make amends with panellist Coleen Nolan and the meeting went awry.
Kim Woodburn has demanded that Loose Women fire Coleen Nolan following their heated argument live on-air about their Celebrity Big Brother feud.

The segment was promoted as an opportunity for mediator Janet Street-Porter to patch up Kim and Coleen's differences after their notorious rows in Big Brother, but the How Clean Is Your House? star stormed off the set after once again clashing with both Coleen and her sister Linda.

Kim has since told The Sun that she was "ambushed" during the segment, alleging that she was told that each party would get a chance to speak their peace without being interrupted or shouted down.

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    Kim Woodburn storms off Loose Women after vicious row with Coleen Nolan (Picture: ITV)

    The pair had starred alongside each other in Celebrity Big Brother last year where they were involved in several rows in the house.

    But yesterday as part of “peace talks” on Loose Women, Kim hit out at Coleen and branded her “lying trash” before walking off the set.

    A spokesperson for Kim released a statement detailing how “incredibly upset” she feels following the fall-out.

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    Kim Woodburn’s bust-up gets 480 Ofcom complaintS from furious fans

    The 76-year-old walked off the show in tears after saying she was “mocked” by Coleen Nolan and her sister Linda.

    "Kim was invited onto Loose Women as she was told Coleen wanted to hold peace talks with her," the representative told Mirror Online.

    "When she arrived this morning, Kim was briefed and told Coleen would speak first and give her reasons for their row. She was told Coleen wanted to bury the hatchet.

    "However when Kim walked on set, Coleen refused to speak first and made Kim do all the talking."

    He added: "This incident has left Kim incredibly upset and she feels disappointed with what happened."

    On Loose Women, Kim broke down in tears as she raged at Coleen for making her life “hell” and “bullying her with seven other people” in the Borehamwood bungalow 18 months ago.

    Kim believed the studio audience were “laughing” at her and began to hit out at Coleen.

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